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Elevating Eurest Australia's Online Presence with a Cohesive Global Branding Approach

Aero Interactive, a leading boutique UX/UI studio based in Indianapolis, IN, embarked on a transformative mission to establish a dynamic online presence for Eurest Australia. Prior to this project, Eurest Australia lacked a digital footprint, and our primary goal was to lead a comprehensive UX and development initiative that would introduce them to the digital world while aligning closely with the established branding of Eurest UK ( Committed to delivering exceptional user experiences, we embraced the challenge of designing and building a website that would not only introduce them to the digital realm but also effectively convey their unique brand message while maintaining cohesive branding across their global locations.

Brand Color Palette Connected to Design System Tokens

Design and Development

Our approach to the Eurest Australia project was grounded in a collaborative and client-centric philosophy, while also leveraging the design system created for Compass Australia's sub-brands to ensure consistency across brands like Morrison Living and Eurest. We initiated the project with a detailed discovery phase, working closely with the client to gain profound insights into their values, objectives, and vision. This crucial initial step enabled us to formulate a tailored UX strategy and design concept that seamlessly aligned with Eurest's commitment to culinary excellence, innovation, and sustainability, all while adhering to the design standards set by Compass Australia. Our team meticulously crafted a user-centric website featuring an intuitive navigation structure, responsive design for various devices, and a visually enticing color palette that resonated with both the Eurest Australia and Eurest UK brand identities. The website, accessible at, showcases Eurest Australia's culinary expertise while maintaining a cohesive global branding approach in line with Compass Australia's design system.

Successful Outcomes

The launch of Eurest Australia's website has yielded remarkable results, positioning it as a key asset for the client in line with the global branding approach. In just a short span since going live, the website has become a pivotal tool for engaging with their target audience, conveying vital information about their culinary offerings, and showcasing their commitment to culinary excellence. Users have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback, and the website has significantly boosted online inquiries and engagement metrics. Our collaborative partnership with the client resulted in a website that not only reflects their brand identity but also seamlessly integrates with the global branding strategy across Eurest locations, solidifying their position as leaders in the Australian culinary and hospitality sector.

In summary, the successful collaboration between Aero Interactive and Eurest Australia culminated in the creation of a robust online presence that has rejuvenated the client's local presence while maintaining a cohesive global branding approach, as established by Compass Australia's design system. The website's user-centric design and seamless functionality have not only met but exceeded the client's expectations. Eurest Australia is now equipped to engage, inform, and captivate its audience, marking a significant milestone in their journey toward culinary excellence and innovation.

Creating an experience that drives business results and customer satisfaction

“Thank you Aero Interactive for coming on the journey with us as we embarked on redefining our brand positions and our digital presence. We enjoyed working with you across 5 individual projects over 3 years and are very happy with the results, as well as the ongoing support. Your professionalism, creativity and flexibility meant we were able to successfully move through our projects in challenging environments with a great outcome.”

Samantha Denovan-Hugh

General Manager, Customer Experience, Compass Group Australia

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